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How Belbien Offers Interior Design Benefits Over Wood Veneer

Belbien is the latest in a line architectural finishes offered by Interior Design Solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. A comparable alternative to more expensive natural design materials, Belbien Architectural Finishes can change the way a room looks instantly with less installation time, as it can complement existing interior finishes while avoiding demolition or reconstruction of existing surfaces.

Wood veneer has been a popular choice for casinos, restaurants, office lobbies, and commercial buildings for many years due to its durability, appearance of real wood, and the ability to stain the surface to change the look. Yet Belbien Architectural Finishes have become a most cost-effective alternative to wood veneer because they offer all the same great benefits — and even more — without the disadvantages associated with wood veneer.

Variety of Choices

While you can purchase wood veneer in a variety of wood types, it can be extremely expensive to source rare wood veneer. In addition, pattern match can become difficult due to the age of the existing veneer — you may not get the right pattern or color match because of limited color options.

Belbien Architectural Finishes are available in more than 430 patterns. Belbien looks and feels like real wood due to its embossed texture. Custom runs, colors, and grains are available, so the wood pattern can easily be matched to existing wood finishes.

Ease of Installation

Major benefits of Belbien Architectural Finishes is the ease of installing the product and its flexibility. Belbien Architectural Finish products have adhesive on the back, meaning they can be instantly set in place without dealing with messy glues that are required with installing wood veneer.

There are also limitations on where wood veneer can be placed. Wood veneer is not flexible, but Belbien Architectural Finishes can bend to accommodate different types of architectural designs.

Maintenance Aspects

While both Belbien Architectural Finishes and wood veneer are designed to withstand normal wear and tear, there are instances when these surfaces can be damaged. Repairing and replacing damaged wood veneer is difficult and costly because of the glue application. There is also the possibility of damaging other wood veneer surfaces during removal of the damaged panel. In addition, it can be difficult to match the new piece with the other wood veneer already installed.

Belbien Architectural Finishes are easy to maintain. If the product gets damaged, it can typically be peeled away without damaging the rest of the wall's surface. Simply match the color and wood pattern of the new piece before installing the replacement by using the adhesive backing, similar in fashion to repairing carpet.

Interior Design Solutions offers Belbien Architectural Finishes as a budget-friendly solution to modernize the look of your area. Contact us today to find out the additional design benefits Belbien Architectural Finishes can offer to you.