IDS offers free samples of Belbien™, Fasara™, and Scotchcal™ making it easier to experiment with several different types of profiles.

After browsing the various catalogs you can add up to five swatches to the cart from these sections by clicking on the Add to Requests icon. When done, click on the Basket icon on the top of the page to send your request. This function will not work with older versions of popular web browsers.

If you need more than five swatches, please call 866-953-4662 or use the contact form to write to us.

If you require overnight delivery, please include your UPS / FedEx account number.

Traditional Wa Modern Naked Wood Vintage Modern Super Real Wood Wood Designer's Wood Wood Plus Basic Color Accent Color Leather Stone Stucco Basic Color Special Finish Sand Metal Absolute Tex Abstract Pattern Metal/Chambray Color Super Abstract Primary Design Belbien EX Standard Wood